Educational Program

*  95% of students are enrolled in the Lebanese Program leading to the Lebanese Baccalaureate in General Sciences. The languages of instruction is English except for courses in school studies, philosophy and arabic literature, which are taught in Arabic.


* 5% are enrolled in the International Program leading to the High School Diploma, which is accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education.


*  In both programs, Lebanese and International, French is taught as to enable acceptance at a French institution of higher learning.


*   Secondary students are prepared to take the SAT I, the International Standarized Exam.


*   100% of students attend universities upon graduation.


Teaching Methodology:


At West Hill College interactive instruction is followed in classrooms. Students discuss ideas and answers by talking, and sometimes arguing, with each other and with the teacher. Students work on applications or interpretations of the material to develop new or deeper understandings  of a given topic. Teachers usually assess students' mastery of knowledge through discussions, projects or tests that demand explanation and extended writing.

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